How to install Shadowsocks

Installing and configuring Shadowsocks on Linux

How to install Shadowsocks

  1. Download Shadowsocks-Qt5.AppImage
  2. Make it executable through the terminal by running the command
    chmod u+x 
  3. Run the application and add the server
    Connection ->Add -> URL
  4. When adding, specify a local port for each server. (for example 1080,1081,1082 and so on.)
  5. Indicate in your browser the presence of a proxy through the SOCKS5 protocol with the settings and the port specified when adding the server or install the App for the browser Proxy SwitchyOmega.**

* You can also give launch permissions by right-clicking on AppImage, select Properties, then the Permissions tab and check the box "Allow to execute as a program".

** Using Proxy SwitchyOmega, you can connect to all servers via Shadowsocks-Qt5 and quickly change the connection through the App, or configure selective routing for sites/subnets.

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